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Curia Regis Volume One

Image of Curia Regis Volume One


Jacques has always held his cards close to his chest, but he’s rising to new levels of secrecy these days. He’s sure to have his reasons…. It’s probably just the stress of trying to steal an entire country.

The comic follows Maren, a courtier who is about to have her loyalties and ethics thoroughly tested, and Jacques, self-appointed monarch in training. With plots and intrigue the order of the day, join Maren, Jacques, and their allies as they learn just how far they’ll go to make the future they want a reality.

Praise for Curia Regis:

This is the best period comic that I’ve ever read and the wait for the next issue is already killing me. – Starburst Magazine

Full of expressive characters, lush backgrounds, fabulous architectural detailing, and a sense of dark foreboding. – Forbidden Planet

It’s been five days since I bought them, and I’ve read them three times already. Needless to say, I like this comic. – Breaking the Fourth Wall